Learn more
about women doing
remarkable work

Learn more
about women doing
remarkable work

The Matriarchs is a community that supports women working to address environmental and humanitarian issues.

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The Matriarchs Vision

Watch The Matriarchs Vision Film, which serves as a mood board, highlighting what this community is all about.

We want to create a community that supports women.
Women working to address humanitarian
and environmental issues.

There are so many remarkable women currently working hard to protect our planet, save precious wildlife, empower communities, help people and create change.

Women that are inspiring to the youth of today, to the next generation of leaders.

We want to share their stories.

These female role models work in a number of different roles. Some are working behind-the-scenes, some are on the frontline protecting endangered wildlife in the field. We want to recognise their efforts, share their stories, inspire change and support them in the work they are doing.

Their stories are captivating and the work they are doing is incredible, ground breaking, challenging and beneficial to us all, and to our natural world.

The Matriarchs is first and foremost about this community
built around our blog and the content shared here.

But there are other parts to this greater vision, we are collaborating with conservation organisations and working on a long format film series for broadcast. More details on this series, and the characters that will feature, to be revealed soon.

This is a community of women supporting women, and men supporting women – where we lift one another up, support and empower one another.

Learn more about women doing remarkable work

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