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Rebeca Gyum
Meet Rebeca Gyum
Rebeca is a lawyer, activist and the Founder and Executive Director of the Msichana Initiative, a non-governmental organization based in Tanzania, which advocates for girl’s…
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Meet Bernie Mshana
Bernie Mshana is the Communications Coordinator with the Grumeti Fund, based in the Western Corridor of the Serengeti in Tanzania. Our team had the privilege of meeting Bernie while documenting one of the Grumeti Fund’s Girls’ Empowerment Sessions.
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Meet Rachel Kolisi
Rachel and her husband, South African rugby captain, Siya Kolisi founded the Kolisi Foundation earlier this year. Rachel is a humanitarian, business owner and mother…
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Meet Adine Roode
When a female elephant is brutally killed for her ivory tusks, or when a herd scatters in response to human retaliation, there is a chance…
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Meet Khensani Ngobeni
Khensani Ngobeni is a Junior Nursery Carer at HERD, the first elephant orphanage in South Africa. Earlier this year we met Khensani and Khanyisa, an elephant who sadly became orphaned after being injured by a snare and separated from her herd.
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Meet Jane Anyango
Jane is the Manager at the Bwindi Community Hospital and Nursing School in Uganda. She is passionate about female empowerment and community uplift, and is using her voice and experience to empower young girls to reach their full potential.
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Meet Gloria Uwera
Gloria is a student in her final year at African Leadership University’s School of Wildlife Conservation in Rwanda. The School of Wildlife Conservation, an organisation…
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Meet Aimeè M Umujeni
Our team met Aimeè while on assignment for Malaria No More in Rwanda, documenting Rwanda’s success in the fight against Malaria and the role that female leadership has played in achieving this success. 
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Meet Sharon Terer
Sharon is a ranger with an anti-poaching unit in the Maasai Mara National Reserve and is one of the first women to undergo training to be able to work with a sniffer dog.
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Anne Rasa
Meet Anne Rasa
Professor Anne Rasa is a pioneer in the field of ethology, who has spent much of her life conducting ground-breaking research on the behaviour and biology of mongoose species.
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sheilla munsabe
Meet Sheilla Munsabe
Sheilla is a student at the African Leadership University in Rwanda, who is completing an internship with Singita, working in their Community and Conservation Programme at the newly launched Singita Kwitonda Lodge in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.
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Meet Kristin Davis
While many of you may already know Kristin Davis from her time onscreen as an actress and producer, we wanted to share her story as a passionate conservationist with you.
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Rachel Murton - Elephant Day - Rise of the Matriarch
Meet Rachael Murton
In celebration of World Elephant Day, we’d like to introduce you to Rachael Murton – Director of the Wildlife Rescue department at Game Rangers International (GRI) in Zambia.
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Rise of the Matriarch | Meet Gloria Asasira
Meet Gloria Asasira
In honour of World Ranger Day, we wanted to introduce you to Gloria Asasira, who is one of the only female Ranger Guides working in Mgahinga National Park in Uganda.
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Meet Anita Wilkinson
Anita works for the Cape Leopard Trust as a Project Coordinator. She is based in the Boland region and has a focus on researching leopard diets, using techniques like leopard-scat analysis.
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Rachel Harris - Rise of the Matriarch
Meet Rachel Harris
Rachel is a Director at Elephant Human Relations Aid (EHRA) in Namibia, where her and her team are doing challenging work assisting communities and schools in this remote area.
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Dr. Anna Songhurst - Rise of the Matriarch
Meet Dr. Anna Songhurst
Dr. Anna Songhurst is Field and Program Director for Ecoexist Trust in Botswana, who is doing challenging work to mitigate daily human-wildlife conflict in this area.
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Maria Diekmann - Rise of the Matriarch
Meet Maria Diekmann
We first met Maria during the Rise of the Matriarch Expedition with our conservation partners, Blue Sky Society Trust and she left us feeling inspired and in awe – We knew we had to share her story with you.
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Nomuntu Murukani - Rise of the Matriarch
Meet Nomuntu Murukani
Nomuntu is a member of one of the first majority female anti-poaching units in South Africa. The Black Mamba’s work tirelessly to protect all boundaries of the 52,000ha Balule Nature Reserve, part of the Greater Kruger National Park.
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Joy Matebula - Rise of the Matriarch
Meet Joy Matebula
Joy is one of the 32 female Rangers with the Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit, which is one of the first majority female anti-poaching units in South Africa.
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