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Kristin Davis

While many of you may already know Kristin Davis from her time onscreen as an actress and producer, we wanted to share her story as a passionate conservationist with you.

Growing up, Kristin had a deep love for elephants and after taking her first trip to Kenya and Tanzania in 2001, she completely fell in love with Africa’s wilderness areas and wildlife. Kristin felt compelled to do more than just visit these wild places and so she set out to do everything she could to help protect Africa’s endangered elephants.

Over the last decade Kristin has worked extensively with different organisations on the ground throughout Africa, who are working to conserve and protect elephants, including Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya and Game Rangers International (GRI) in Zambia.

As part of her work with Game Rangers International, Kristin funded a film for GRI, ‘We Are All Rangers’, which was produced by Black Bean Productions. The ‘We Are All Rangers’ film is being released on the 1st of November and came about when Kristin was working with GRI on her feature film with NETFLIX ‘Holiday in the Wild’. Working on this feature film with Game Rangers International inspired Kristin to help them by funding a film focussed on GRI’s work to create awareness and raise funding.

Game Rangers International has a holistic approach to conservation, working to empower rangers and communities on the ground to conserve nature. Since its establishment, GRI has successfully assisted 47 elephant calves in need.

The biggest thing is getting the word out to people who might not be aware. If you do reach people, they want to stand up and they want to help because no one wants to lose elephants.
- Kristin Davis
One of the biggest challenges that conservation organisations face is often limited resources to support and fund the work they are doing. Kristin believes that creating awareness around the critical work of these organisations can play a huge role in finding them the support they desperately need in order to not only continue to do the work they are doing, but to expand upon this work and have an even greater reach.
The work that GRI is doing is so important and plays a vital role in not only safeguarding elephant populations but protecting other species and conserving some of Zambia’s wilderness areas. Women like Kristin, who are using their influence, passion and dedication to create change, and in the process inspiring others to do the same, are instrumental in the fight to protect our planet and its wildlife.

Watch our film to learn more about Kristin and her love of African elephants.

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