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Meet Lana Müller

Cape Leopard Trust, South Africa

Lana Müller

Lana works for the Cape Leopard Trust as an Operations and Research Manager in the Cederberg region, of the Western Cape.

The Cape Leopard Trust is dedicated to ensuring the long-term survival of leopard
 populations by promoting the peaceful coexistence of these predators and the local communities in the area. In her role, Lana, is working to safeguard the surrounding ecosystems and wildlife through scientific research, education and building positive relationships with the local community members.

From a young age, Lana was able to travel extensively across the African continent, soaking up everything it had to offer. 

Traveling throughout Africa and experiencing the incredible wildlife and diverse landscapes grew Lana’s love for the natural world, and cemented her passion for big predators, particularly big cats.

This passion drove her to pursue a BSc degree in Conservation Ecology at Stellenbosch University. She then further pursued her studies in The Netherlands, with a focus on lion-livestock conflict research projects in Cameroon and Kenya.

After completing her studies she returned to Africa and began working at Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, as a Conservation Manager, where she focused on working with local Maasai communities to alleviate human-wildlife conflict.

Although you’ve got your mascara on – You can still do it!

- Lana Müller
After a few years Lana returned home to South Africa and continued to follow her dream of working with big cats, which led her to the Cape Leopard Trust, where her past experience, knowledge and genuine passion to conserve and protect these highly elusive predators, has made her an invaluable asset to the team.
Lana Müller and the Ladies at Cape Leopard Trust
Lana’s expertise lies within community-based conservation, which enables her to conduct vital human-wildlife-conflict research by working closely with farmers in the area. Her work in this field, alongside her good relationships with the local farmers, plays a core role in protecting the leopards that roam this landscape, as she works to mitigate human-wildlife-conflict, helping farmers to implement measures to protect their livestock from the predators. 

Watch our film to learn more about Lana and the work she is doing.

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Meet Lana Müller

Meet Lana Müller

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