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Meet Sharon Terer

Maasai Mara National Reserve – Kenya


Sharon is a ranger with an anti-poaching unit in the Maasai Mara National Reserve and is one of the first women to undergo training to be able to work with a sniffer dog.

The Maasai Mara in Kenya is one of Africa’s most beloved wild spaces and stretches an expansive 1,510 km2.

This area is home to a wide variety of wildlife and forms part of the Great Wildebeest Migration every year, making it an incredibly important ecosystem. Sadly, many of the species living within the Maasai Mara are endangered or vulnerable because their survival is threatened by poaching and human-wildlife conflict.
Rangers like Sharon work tirelessly to protect wildlife and wilderness areas, helping to safeguard vital ecosystems like the Maasai Mara. Sniffer dogs also form an integral part of anti-poaching units and perform the vital task of sniffing and inspecting vehicles for guns or weapons that can be used to harm wildlife.
Becoming a ranger is not an easy task; the training is intense and can be both physically and emotionally challenging, but it is incredibly rewarding. Sharon’s training transformed her and gave her a sense of confidence and courage to face challenges in both her professional and personal life. Together with her canine partner, Sharon works around the clock every single day to prevent poaching attempts, helping to save the lives of countless animals.
A lady won’t forget another person; a lady will always be there for everyone.
- Sharon Terer
In most African countries, being a ranger is not thought to be a job that is suited for women. Typically women are expected to be mothers or caregivers and, in some cases, are not allowed out alone at night. Sharon is stepping away from these traditional stereotypes and is instead following her passion and inspiring other women to do the same. 
One of the most remarkable things about Sharon is that she not only wants to use her knowledge and skills to help protect wildlife, she is also committed to being a role model for other women and young girls. She wants to use her experience to empower other women, showing them that if she could do it, so can they.

If I’m being educated, I will go and tell a sister somewhere or a girl in school; ‘If you get good grades and you work hard, you can be like me.’

- Sharon Terer

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Meet Sharon Terer

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